Packshot and GUI VGMetrology 3.0
Maximum precision, minimal CT data sizes

VGMetrology 3.0

The Universal Metrology Solution in an Easy-to-Use Package

Measure on voxel data, point clouds, meshes and CAD data with VGMetrology 3.0, Volume Graphics’ universal metrology solution. Our easy-to-use stand-alone application turns your CT scanner into a comprehensive and precise metrology device.

VGMetrology is:

  • Full-featured. VGMetrology offers you the full metrology-related functionality of our flagship product VGStudio MAX including GD&T functionality.
  • Uncompromisingly accurate. VGMetrology 3.0 gives you the complete picture of all object surfaces – and saves it in the very compact .mvgl format.
  • Universal. You can measure not only on the voxel data itself but also on point clouds, meshes and CAD data.
  • Easy-to-use. The focussed range of functionality makes VGMetrology easily accessible for new users.
  • Seamless. You can exchange files between VGMetrology 3.0 and other Volume Graphics 3.0 products.
  • Certified. VGMetrology 3.0 is verified by the Physikalisch Technische-Bundesanstalt (PTB), Germany’s national metrology institute.*
  • Affordable. VGMetrology costs significantly less than a comparably equipped VGStudio MAX.

*PTB tested the algorithms based on minimum-zone method (“Chebyshev”) and on least-squares method (“Gaussian”). These algorithms are used for coordinate measurement in VGMetrology 3.0. Get more details here.

But there is a lot more to VGMetrology 3.0:

Holistic Measurement Technology

CT gives you the full picture - conventional methods can’t

CT is a holistic non-destructive measurement technology. It’s ideal if you want to measure complex parts or objects made out of flexible or reflective materials. As a result, a CT scan as basis for metrology can provide more comprehensive information than conventional methods in less time.

Using industrial CT has many advantages over conventional methods:

  • In contrast to tactile and optical methods, industrial CT holistically scans all surfaces of an object, even if they might be inside your part or difficult to capture.
  • CT acquires more surface points than tactile and optical methods.
  • While tactile coordinate measurement methods are also non-destructive, CT moreover is non-intrusive. This means measuring on CT doesn’t deform the part.
  • And unlike optical methods, CT still works accurately even if the part reflects or is translucent.

Innovative File Format

Left: Conventional CT data, right: VGMetrology data

Why you should no longer use meshes

VGMetrology 3.0 uses a file format that opens up all advantages of CT to metrologists. Developed for CT data, a .mvgl file contains the best possible object surface without any loss in quality. At the same time, a .mvgl file is smaller than a .stl file with comparable precision.

Five reasons for working with the .mvgl format:

  • While a .stl file describes the surface with polygons, VGMetrology 3.0 determines the surface with subvoxel precision and saves it as a highly precise .mvgl file.
  • A .mvgl file is smaller than a .stl file with standard precision. But unlike the .stl format, our .mvgl files are small because they contain only the relevant surface information of an object, not because they sacrifice accuracy.
  • Our new .mvgl format saves time because it eliminates the need to convert voxel data into a .stl file altogether.
  • A .mvgl file is easily exchangeable over the internet since one file contains all the relevant information metrologists need. We call this "single-file format".
  • Because VGMetrology 3.0 is full-featured and its file format self-contained, it provides independence from the CT department.

Truly Universal

VGMetrology 3.0 works natively with voxel, point cloud, CAD, mesh data.

All Formats

Metrologists can use VGMetrology 3.0 as the one universal application for all their measurements because VGMetrology 3.0 is not only equipped for CT but for all common measurement methods. You can even use VGMetrology 3.0 with your existing tactile and optical scanners, because it works natively with point clouds and meshes in addition to voxel data. And VGMetrology 3.0 also loads CAD data* in various formats.

VGMetrology 3.0 :

  • loads CAD models in formats such as CATIA V5, Creo, Pro / ENGINEER – in addition to the import of STEP and IGES formats; **
  • automatically translates and intelligently evaluates additional part information that is stored in Product and Manufacturing Information (PMI), e. g., dimensioning, GD & T, layers, annotations, or captions; ***
  • imports point clouds in ASCII files, .csv files, and plain text files;
  • supports mesh files in the .stl format, both ASCII coded as well as binary coded; and
  • reduces measurement uncertainty because geometry object fitting is optimized for each supported data type (voxel, CAD, mesh, and point cloud data).

One Metrology Software

VGMetrology 3.0 offers you the full metrology-related functionality of VGStudio MAX 3.0, including:

  • GD & T functionality (according to DIN EN ISO 1101);
  • object registration by Best-Fit, 3-2-1, RPS, or feature-based method;
  • fitting of ruled geometries;
  • nominal/actual comparisons on CAD data, mesh data (.stl), and voxel data;
  • application of tolerances to the nominal / actual comparison with various parameters, e. g., deviation (minimum, maximum, cumulated);
  • support of Regions of Interest (short ROIs), e. g., for nominal/actual comparisons;
  • macros, templates, and batch processing for automation;
  • extensive reporting functions, e. g., for test reports; and
  • the familiar Volume Graphics user interface.

* CAD Translation Technology supplied by Tech Soft 3D

** Supported CAD formats are: CATIA V5 (R4 to V5-6R2016), Creo (Elements/Pro 5.0, Parametric 3.0), in beta: CATIA V4 (up to 4.2.5), JT (up to 10.0), Pro/Engineer (up to Wildfire 5), Siemens PLM Software NX (Unigraphics V11.0 to NX 10.0), Solid Edge (V19 - 20, ST – ST8), SolidWorks (up to 2016).

*** PMI import is supported for CATIA V5 and Creo. In beta status also for Pro/ENGINEER and Siemens PLM Software NX.

Great Deal

VGMetrology 3.0 isn’t only universal, it’s also affordable

You can get VGMetrology 3.0 as a stand-alone product (VGMetrology 3.0), as an “Essential Version” (VGMetrology ES 3.0), or as a free viewer application (VGMetrology VIEWER 3.0). The stand-alone version of VGMetrology 3.0 costs significantly less than a comparably equipped VGStudio MAX 3.0. Current users of VGStudio MAX with an installed Coordinate Measurement Module can get another fully equipped metrology workspace with the even more affordable VGMetrology ES 3.0. For How much? Just contact us for a quote.

So which version should you get?

  • If you’re a first-time industrial CT user, our stand-alone version of VGMetrology 3.0 is most likely the right choice. Its voxel importer understands files that your CT scanner has generated on its own.
  • If you already work with .vgl files – either because you or your CT scanning service provider have access to VGStudio MAX 3.0 with an installed Coordinate Measurement Module – VGMetrology ES 3.0 is the application of choice. The surface will be determined within VGStudio MAX 3.0 and the project will saved as a .vgl or .mvgl file. This file you can then open with VGMetrology ES 3.0. Except for surface determination, VGMetrology ES 3.0 and VGMetrology 3.0 are identical.
  • If you want to view projects saved in the .mvgl format, you can use the free VGMetrology VIEWER 3.0. It even allows to change the alignment of objects and to add basic measurements.