Licensing Options

Node-Locked or Floating License

A VGStudio/VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology node-locked license is intended for use on one specific computer. If the software is to be used on several computers, a floating license may be suitable. A floating license allows you to install VGStudio MAX or VGMetrology on several computers with one TCP/IP network, but use it on only one computer per purchased seat license at a time. With a floating license, VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology is supplied for all supported platforms, allowing the same software license to be used under different operating systems in heterogenous networks. Please note that the computer used as the license server must have a fixed IP address. For floating licenses with several parallel seats, each seat must have the same add-on module configuration.

VGStudio is provided as a node-locked or as a dongle license (see below).

The viewer applications myVGL and VGMetrology VIEWER are available free of charge. To download them, please click here.


Dongle License and Dongle License Protection

Please note that an upgrade from a node-locked to a dongle license is only possible before issuing of the final node-locked license. A dongle license consisting of a hardware dongle and a license issued on and for this dongle allows you to run VGStudio/VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology on different computers but only on one computer at a time. A dongle license is linked to the dongle supplied together with the software. This is why the loss of a dongle would mean the loss of the entire software license. In order to minimize the risk of loss, we offer Dongle License Protection.

The Dongle License Protection (loss or theft) is available upon request without any further charge if you have an Update/Service Agreement. It is also available without an Update/Service Agreement for an annual fee. Please note that you will not be able to choose the Dongle License Protection after receiving your final 2.2 node-locked license. Under the Dongle License Protection, you will receive a license limited to one year, to be renewed annually. One month before the dongle license expires, you will be informed by the software about the expiry date and a new annual license will be supplied by Volume Graphics upon request. If you lose your dongle, we will issue a new license for the remaining part of the year against a fee of 2% of the original software list price plus the respectively valid value added tax. 


Update/Service Agreement

An annual update/service agreement is available for, VGStudio, VGStudio MAX, and VGMetrology. An update/service agreement covers the following services:

An account on the Volume Graphics Web Server is created for holders of update/service agreement from which the latest versions of the software as well as information, demos, and tutorials can be downloaded.

Short-term bug fixing: Any bug in VGStudio/VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology reported by the holder of an update/service agreement will be fixed by Volume Graphics with highest priority. The resulting availability of any VGStudio/VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology update outside regular releases will be automatically communicated to all holders of an update/service agreement. The update may then be downloaded from the Volume Graphics web server.

All new versions released during the term of an update/service agreement will be provided free of charge to all holders of a valid update/service agreement

An update/service agreement is a cost-efficient way to keep your VGStudio/VGStudio MAX/VGMetrology license up to date.

If you have any further questions concerning the subject of licensing, please contact us by writing to sales(at)volumegraphics(dot)com.